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It's not just senior asset managers who will be walking away with eye-watering bonuses this season.

Talented fund managers at all levels, and especially those in equities, emerging markets and real estate, will be in the money.

"Everybody is expecting bonuses will be quite high this year," says Chris Manfield, head of the European Asset Management practice at Whitney Group.

"Emerging markets has had a fantastic year and they will be paid very, very well. People working in UK and global equities are being paid protection money not to leave and listed real estate has gone really crazy," he adds.

"I think we are going to be looking at hundreds of thousands for the best fund managers and many, many multiples of base salary," he predicts.

Emerging markets, commodities, liability driven investment and, again, property will be the real winners this year, agrees Kim Yates, a director at London-based search firm Principal Search.

There is also significantly more demand for marketing professionals and fund management analysts compared with two years ago, again fuelling salaries in this area.

Yates says really good institutional sales people are commanding very significant salaries and are typically in a position to play one offer against another. "Guaranteed bonuses are definitely back in vogue and in some cases guarantees are for two years, not just one," she tells us.

But it's the most senior people who'll earn the most. US fund manager Janus Capital Group has said it will pay chief executive Gary Black almost $7m (€5.6m) this year, while BlackRock, another US fund manager, is to pay Bob Doll, its global head of equities, a basic salary of $400,000 and an incentive plan worth up to $10.75m next year.

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