Are you a fat kitten?

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Alongside its usual fare of scantily clad females and men baring expensive watches, Arena magazine claims to have unearthed a new phenomenon in investment banks: the fat kitten.

Unlike ageing fat cats, fat kittens are apparently bankers of "tender years" and "portly appearance", caused by years of "old school indolence, financed by years of excessive bonuses and inordinate stress levels in the office".

JPMorgan and KPMG are cited kitten breeding grounds - despite Jamie Dimon's decision to reopen the bank's gyms and sponsor a fat employee to lose weight. Research released earlier this year suggested financial services professionals are more likely to be overweight than those in other industries.

Is Arena onto something? Does banking cause corpulence? And is podginess perfectly ok when you're taking home a six-figure pay cheque? Chew the fat below.

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