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In this climate, you don't need to be an underperformer to find yourself without an employer. You don't need to be neurotic to worry about whether your job will still exist in six months' time. And you do need to keep an eye on what's out there, or might be out there, just in case.

When the worst happens

Surviving the Great Purge

The rollercoaster of redundancy

Coping with job loss

Why chameleons avoid being laid off

I've been fired, what should I do?

How to disguise your desperation

Legal issues

How to handle compromise agreements

Throwing a light on exit packages

The legal approach to redundancy

Have you got what it takes to litigate?

Why first in can be last out

Your rights if your employer becomes insolvent

Getting back on your feet

First moves to a new job in financial services

Maximise the impact of your CV

Sorting out your CV

The art of CV writing

Four steps to reinventing yourself as something else

Networking no-nos

The sociable route to a new job

Invaluable interview skills

How to succeed at interview

Ace the interview

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