Revised: Goldman Sachs most likely to promote women

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Goldman Sachs says that it is, in fact, the bank most likely to promote the fairer sex to MD.

Our own calculations (based on lengthy scrutiny of banks' MD promotion lists and cross- referencing all foreign and androgenous names on Google to determine the sex) suggested Morgan Stanley is the bank most likely to promote women to managing director.

But Goldman Sachs says we're wrong. While 14% of Morgan Stanley's MD promotes were women, Goldman says a more female-friendly 19% of its new MDs have the potential to wear skirts to work.

Morgan Stanley, therefore, now comes second. Barclays Capital still comes very last.

Citigroup, Lehman and Barclays Capital all announced their MD promotions this week. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley published theirs before Christmas.

Here are links to the lists of Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs MD promotes for 2007 just in case you fancy calculating the percentage of females yourselves.

In the meantime, here's the newly updated league table for the 2007-08 promotion round, ranking banks by the proportion of newly promoted MDs who are female:

1. Goldman Sachs19%

2. Morgan Stanley 15%

3. Lehman Brothers 11.5%

4. Citigroup 10%

5. Barclays Capital 6%

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