Bonus announcement and payment schedule 2007

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When will everyone find out what they've got? And when will they get it? Here are the answers according to one reputable search firm.

ABN AMRO: announced mid January, paid March

ANZ: announced end October/early November, paid 24 November

Bank of America: announced end January, paid end March

Barclays Capital: announced 14 February, paid February

Bear Stearns: announced mid December, paid January

BNP Paribas: announced end January, paid February

Calyon: announced January/February, paid March

Cantors: announced December, paid December

Citigroup: announced 19 January, paid 1 February

Commerzbank: announced early March, paid 16 March

Credit Suisse: announced 25 January, paid 20 February

Deutsche: announced mid to end January, paid mid February

DrK: announced January, paid February

Goldman Sachs: announced December, paid 10 January

HSBC: announced end January/early February, paid 20 February

HVB: announced January, paid March

ING: announced February, paid March

JPMorgan: announced 19 January, paid 1 February

Lazard: announced end December, paid January

Lehman: announced 16 December, paid January

Merrill Lynch: announced 20 January, paid end Jan/early February

Morgan Stanley: announced 16 December, paid mid January

Rothschild: announced March, paid June

Nomura: announced April, paid April

RBC: announced mid December, paid December

RBS: announced end February, paid March

UBS announced January, paid end February

West LB: announced March, paid March

Westpac: announced November, paid December

See any glaring errors or have anything to add, let us know...

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