Debate: ABN bonuses; women in hedge funds; credit scoring

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Bonus bonanza at ABN AMRO; how to make it as a woman in hedge funds; and who wins and who loses in the credit meltdown.

Bumper bonuses at ABN?

From doom and gloom and worrying about job losses, to bumper bonuses at ABN AMRO this year. But will generous payouts be enough to stop the outflow of staff?

ABN AMRO bonuses suddenly look good

No need for a big swinging dick

Sometimes it's hard to be a woman - or so they say - and working in a hedge fund is about as macho as it gets in finance. So how does an ambitious woman go about making it in this male-dominated world?

Guest comment: How to make it (or not) as a woman in hedge funds

Bad credit

With chaos in the markets, there's bound to be blood splattered all over the walls at some point. So who's going to come out of the current flap smelling of roses and who'll be buried deep in the dungheap?

Winners and losers in the credit meltdown

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