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Want to go all Al Gore while earning 250k? Banks are hiring analysts for new green research teams.

JPMorgan has formed an environmental, social and governance research team with the intention of gauging companies' commitment to all things green and good.

Jonathan Evans, managing director of search firm Sammons Associates, says it's not the only bank with an eye on the green scene: "Most, if not all, the big banks have got some form of socially responsible research - it's the new, new thing."

That newness means there aren't too many people with an established track record in the sector. Experienced socially responsible research analysts can therefore command a pay premium of 10% to 20% over their less green competitors. A junior VP in the area can, for example, expect around 100k base, plus a 150k bonus, says Evans. Most come from socially responsible investment (SRI) teams on the buyside, although utilities analysts in banks are also viable candidates.

Not everyone's so sure green jobs are really out there, though. "I know there's a big uptick in renewable energy," says the head of equities at one search firm, "but it tends to be in the niche small- and mid-cap area of the market - I haven't seen much going on at the big banks yet."

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