Dubai bankers most fearful of getting the boot

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Our recent poll suggested bankers in Dubai are the most fearful for their futures.

We asked bankers across our sites in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and Dubai to rate their chances of losing their jobs over the next two years. The bad news? Almost half the respondents - 48.9% - from the booming emirate reckoned the chances were "high to very high" that they would be packing their bags within the next 24 months. And almost three quarters - 72.2% - thought they had a "fair" or worse chance of getting the boot.

This compared to 66.7% who rated their chances "fair" or worse in the UK and 66.1% in Asia.

Most worryingly, almost a quarter of those polled in Dubai - 23% - thought their chances of being shown the door were "very high". This compares with just 16% in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, including Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.

Is the Dubai phenomenon set to be a flash in the pan? The Dubai International Financial Exchange is less than two years old and has already attracted the likes of Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to its sun-drenched shores, but rumour has it trade has been disappointing. Do the poll respondents know something that we don't?

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