Debate: VP pay; time to change jobs - or not; getting out of ABN AMRO

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How much are VPs really paid? Time to stick like glue to your existing employer, and should ABN bankers cut and run? Join the debate.

Just how much are VPs worth? Vice presidents' total comp now averages 300k according to a salary survey. But plenty of people think this is rubbish and at least one says that, even if it's true, the life (or lack of life) of an investment banker just isn't worth the hassle. Salary survey: VPs the new VIPs?

Too scared (or greedy) to budge? There may be plenty of jobs, but rumour has it there aren't many candidates. Headhunters put it down to last year's big bonuses, jitters about the job market and general greediness on behalf of candidates who are asking more than they're worth. But some commentators say it's all down to recruiters - seems they aren't up to unearthing the talent. The case of the disappearing jobseekers.

ABN AMRO - time for a swift exit? The takeover of ABN AMRO rumbles on and on. But no matter who ends up buying the bank, it looks like a hatchet will be taken to jobs. Most think it's not worth hanging around to see who gets the chop, and urge bankers to jump ship as soon as they can. ABN AMRO: should they stay or should they go?

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