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When the going gets tough, wannabe bankers start showing their moves.

Over the past few weeks the global financial community has been following one UBS candidate's innovative approach to nabbing a job.

His was no ordinary application - it featured an 11 page CV and a sharply edited video featuring him ballroom dancing, breaking bricks with his bare hands. Observers are treated to nuggets of wisdom like 'To achieve success you must first conceive it and believe in it.'

Is this what it takes to get a banking job nowadays? Fortunately not.

"We don't see much of this kind of thing in the UK industry," says Noel Marshall, recruiter at Finance Professionals. "If that guy were any good he could apply to anywhere - Merrill, UBS, or wherever and get four or five job offers. That's what the market's like at the moment. You don't need to do all that."

Viv Dykstra, director of recruitment firm Dykstra Associates agrees. "Within reason it's good to be creative but not wacky," she says. "I can see why people might have felt the need to go the extra mile in 2000 or 2001 when there were several hundred candidates per job,"

No-one knows if Aleksey Vayner, self-titled "Sportsman and CEO" managed to land himself a job with UBS in New York, but whichever bank snaps him up can be confident he does a mean foxtrot.

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