CV scammers risk blacklisting

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Sal Remtulla, head of employee screening at risk management consultancy The Risk Advisory Group, says would-be investment bankers are the worst perpetrators of CV disinformation around.

Why? "The market is competitive that it leads people to do things they wouldn't normally do," she tells us.

Research by Remtulla and her colleagues suggests 20% of all CVs contain significant falsities like fabricated academic qualifications.

However, anyone thinking of embellishing their curriculum vitae is warned to watch out. Noel Marshall, managing director of the banking and financial markets team at recruitment firm Finance Professionals, says the banking sector is so small that people are stupid to think they can get away with it. "We know of one candidate who lied about having five years' experience on his CV and is now blacklisted," he says.

Marshall says that while junior candidates tend to exaggerate, senior candidates are the more likely liars. "If they're gonna do it, they do it big," he says.

If you're thinking of submitting your CV and you're tempted to elaborate, Marshall has this advice for you: "If your CV's weak, your CV's weak. Go and get skills that will make it better."

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