Bigger building, more staff?

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Does NM Rothschild, the venerable UK investment bank, know something we don't?

According to the Financial Times, Rothschild is soon to submit a planning application for a new headquarters in St. Swithin's Lane London. The building, designed by a virtuoso of skyscraper architecture, will be able to house 788 people more than the 364 working at the bank's current headquarters.

788 is a lot of extra bankers. We were unable to confirm whether the additions will be comprised of a mass of new administrative expertise, or existing Rothschild employees currently working at more disparate locations.

If the bank does want to ramp up its advisory ranks, headhunters tell us it should have no problem doing so. Despite being rumoured to pay its investment bankers 25% less than US banks, they say Rothschild is seen as a good place to work. "It has an amazing brand - they're always near the top of the league tables and are a good name to have on your CV," says one.

"At Rothschild you're a name, not a number," another tells us. "It's a nice place to work and people are prepared to accept less money as a result."

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