The highest paid internships in banking and tech in the UK

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If you're wondering whether to work in banking or technology, pay probably shouldn't be your first concern. People who've been there and done both say lifestyle is the real differentiator: in banking it's bad and in technology it's not.

Nonetheless, if you're wondering where to complete an internship you've probably given some thought to how much you'll earn. Banking interns in London claim to be averaging around £4k ($6.2k) a month this summer, which is pretty impressive. However, figures for intern salaries from Glassdoor (which are lower than the £4k students claim to be receiving in 2015), suggest there are big discrepancies in intern pay between firms.

Surprisingly, perhaps, an average of Glassdoor's intern salaries suggests the highest paid interns are at UBS. Less surprisingly, the lowest paid are at the Bank of England. Unexpectedly, Facebook and Google don't pay that well.

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