Beefing up the Bank of England

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The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street is looking a little weak at the knees. Is now the time to offer her your talents?

The Bank employs around 1,800 people, plenty of them economists, plus various faceless bureaucrats. It also tells us it receives around 1,000 applications a year for roles that require experience (as opposed to fresh graduates), suggesting it's not exactly spoilt for choice.

Right now, the little Old Lady is advertising for a range of positions, including PhD-level economists, HR data analysts and IT graduates.

Given the pay's not supposed to be particularly great, why would anyone want to go and work for her? Kevin Suddaby, senior consultant at recruiter Investigo, says its public spotlight could now make it a more attractive proposition: "If I was selling career options at BoE, I would argue that it is at the forefront of the financial services community at the moment."

The Bank may also be a more gentle employer than its private-sector peers. "There may be quality of life to be considered," says Ben Walker at Walker Selection - except during a run on a bank, of course, when 20-hour days are probably mandatory.

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